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"Coaches were outstanding! I LOVE the positive feedback as well as the teaching in a positive manner (vs a negative). I appreciate you teaching the mental aspect of the game as well as the physical part."

"This is a top notch, no nonsense, competitive training program with talented and experienced staff that are organized and fast paced. The players continue to develop their skills and gain the confidence they need to stand out on their teams as leaders. A huge thanks to the ladies who use their time to work with and guide our players to next level!"

"This program has helped my daughter to grow in maturity, confidence, and in her ability to play the game. She loved the regular coaches as well as the guest coaches. Everyone involved put so much time and effort into providing a great program for the girls. I would do it again and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see their daughter advance in the sport."

"Great coaches! I loved the meeting at the beginning of each class where the coaches went over personal growth, goals and life lessons with the girls! Thank you!"

"The winter workout program was great for our 12U daughter. She has had a wonderful experience with the upbeat and positive coaching from highly qualified instructors and guest coaches. Although the focus is softball, the program really taught a lot about functional participation in real life. The techniques taught will last her a lifetime. The workouts were well planned and time was always well used. She has come out of this with a much greater love for the game of softball, a much improved softball skill set and the tools to help her continue her journey through her teen years and on into adulthood."

"We love the fun positive atmosphere!! The girls are learning new skills every night they go and getting the everyday skills down so well. They work the girls hard but always keep it fun! For us, that’s what keeps us coming back. In order for these young athletes to gain the love and respect of the game, they have to have fun first. That’s what these coaches do so well. Thanks for having a great program!!" 

"These coaches are amazing. All of them are teaching what they are living. They teach sound and helpful fundamental softball. They also teach great life skills. I love that my daughter was able to learn from them."

"I have been very impressed by all of the skills that are being taught. These coaches have demonstrated positive character building, goal setting, team work, speed and agility, and the pure mechanics of softball. This program is helping to build a strong foundation for my daughter's softball ability."


"You guys pushed me so hard and it made me want to push myself hard because I knew I could do it! I had so much fun! You are all so kind!"

"At the beginning of the camp I came in nervous, self conscious, I had some very serious mental health problems. This camp improved my mental health so much and I am such a happy, better person from this camp! Thank you so much!"

"This camp helped me improve mentally and physically. It also helped me be a better player and teammate, inside and outside of softball. I got advice tips I'd never heard before, that have helped me personally!"

"I loved learning the life skills, and that I didn't know everything I THOUGHT I knew about softball!"

"I loved that I always felt better walking out than I did walking in, physically and mentally. Thank you coaches for everything and your dedication to what you do!"

"I loved this camp so much! I always looked forward to coming to class every week, I got to know myself and others more! I loved learning new things and all of the mental nuggets! I loved the fun, and all of the motivation to push myself to keep going and getting better!"

"I loved learning new things, and how the coaches showed that they cared about us (it made me feel welcome)"

"I loved how the coaches really helped me with things I didn't know and helped me really understand, thank you!"

"This camp was awesome! I learned new things, improved, grew as a person and an athlete, got stronger, and made new friends! The mental nuggets are really helpful!"

"I loved my experience because it helped me come out of my shell. It made me want to work harder."

"I loved the coaches because they made hard things fun!"

"I learned how to be a better athlete, teammate, and to have better mental toughness. I think the coaches are great and are amazing teachers, they make the game more fun!"

"I had a great experience here. I really improved and felt ok to express myself. The coaches really helped me improve, especially my hitting, overall I loved this camp!"

"The coaches are so nice and outgoing and really want to get to know us!"

"I loved how the all the coaches wanted to get to know you and help you in any way. When I didn't understand something, coach Lo stayed back extra to help. I loved how we worked on something new every week!"

"I love that I got this opportunity to get in quality practice and really focus on how to improve every time. It was great to learn a lot of new drills and getting to practice those more later. I loved the speed and agility it really made me push myself harder and be better!"

"My experience was really good I will definitely come back! I felt like I could trust everyone here and felt ok to make mistakes and learn, I learned to trust myself and my skills, my skills got so much better!"

"My experience in this camp was great and I want to come back next year! I learned a lot, and things that will help me in the future. I learned what my strengths and weaknesses were and what I need to improve."

"I loved that the coaches were confident in their skills, and OURS!"

"I loved coming to this camp, I felt like I learned something every week. The coaches and the girls were so much fun to practice and progress with. Learning new skills and drills really impacted my growth. Thank you so much for teaching me and helping me grow!"

"This experience was life changing for me because it pushed me like never before, and I feel so much better about myself and so much stronger! Thank you coaches!"

"This camp was the highlight of my week every week! I was always excited to come and I learned so much, I loved how the coaches taught things in a way that I could understand it!"

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